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Personal training

Our team of trained fitness specialists are on hand to guide, encourage and inspire you – whatever fitness level you are aiming for. We also offer nutritional advice and tailor-make fitness and food plans that can easily be built into everyday life. Just give us a call to book a consultation.

Meet The Team!

Our personal trainers are naturally motivational and easy to talk to, so come and discus your fitness goals or dreams with us. 

Messa Hadjsmali
Meet Messa Hadjsmali

Class Trainer

Messa's classes are a combination of cardio and strength and conditioning with a high energy that leaves you feeling exhilarated 

Kristian Bryne
Meet Kristian Byrne

Personal Trainer

Kristian specialises in Hypertrophy (Muscle Building) and Strength & Conditioning

Adam Brookes
Meet Adam Brookes

Personal Trainer

Adam specialise in Weight Management and Strength and Conditioning

Vicky Ward
Meet Vicky Ward

Personal Trainer

Vicky specialises in Nutrition