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Specialist Custom Fitting Centre

At Formby Hall we recognise that if you invest time and money in your game then you need to play your best to fully enjoy your golf. This however can be restricted if your equipment doesn’t match your technique

Our Fitting Options

Free Standard Test

We stock a selection of test clubs from club manufactures which can be tested at any time on our driving range. Our Golf shop staff will advise you on the length, lie and design of the clubs which will then allow you to try the clubs in your own time against your current clubs.


Trained by leading club manufacturers, our expert fitting professionals will guide you through the fitting process and provide you with a recommendation on a set of clubs designed to suit your build and technique.

Using our Trackman radar, we take over 20 measurements per shot including swing and club speeds, smash factor, spin rates, launch & land angles, ball dispersion and distances. This data allows us to accurately identify the correct club head and shaft combination to help you play your best no matter what level of ability or experience you have giving you the confidence that your clubs are tailored for you.

What is the cost for a Pro-Fit?

Because of the time required by our professionally trained staff to provide this service and the equipment required to produce the detail and accuracy in the fitting process the cost is £50 for iron or wood fittings each. When you consider how often, and the clubs are to be used and the importance to your game we believe that this represents good value

Will you get the fitting fee back if I buy the clubs?

No, but we appreciate your visit and as a thank you we will offer you a voucher to redeem separately against range balls or a range card.

As we regularly check our prices against our competitors and the internet, we also guarantee that we can provide you with a very competitive quote for your new clubs.


For more information or to book call the Golf team on 01704 875 699 or click here to send us an enquiry.