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Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons

PGA Professional Coaching Staff

Alongside the impressive practice facilities, our dedicated team of PGA qualified AA professionals utilise the latest cutting edge analysis technology to ensure that golfers of every level have the opportunity to understand and improve each aspect of their game.

Our full time PGA qualified instructors blend years of experience of studying thousands of swings, researching different teaching styles and attending PGA advanced coaching seminars to help deliver first class instruction.

Individual Private Tuition

One on one lessons are structured to allow you to focus on your individual needs and are available to all levels of golfer and age. Our instructors will assess your strengths and weaknesses before prescribing the correct programme to help you achieve your goals. If desired footage of your swing can be recorded and taken away allowing you to monitor your improvement. Individual tuition at Formby Hall offers the opportunity for any serious golfer to embrace the latest golf swing technology supported by some of the North West’s most experienced instructors.

Individual lessons are provided in spacious floodlit covered private teaching bays allowing us to teach until late evening, in all weather conditions all year round.

Academy Facilities


Making your first view steps in golf can appear daunting. Our coaching staff has the experience to help you feel at ease in an environment that lends itself to learning new skills. You will discover what each club is designed to do, how to hold the club and stand to the ball and how to develop a golf swing built around sound fundamentals.

Improving intermediate players

Continue to develop your game through understanding your own swing. Whether you need to improve your consistency or sharpen up your shot making skills, in golf you never stop learning. Our dedicated instructors have the ability to communicate what you should be doing opposed to what you currently do and to prescribe the best plan of action.

Adv anced competitors

Integrating our advanced analysis technology, golfers learn more about the golf swing, their own tendencies and how to understand their ball flight patterns. With in depth analysis our senior instructors have the knowledge to advise you on the different departments of your game, to ensure that you are playing to the best of your ability and are able to peak at the right time.

Individual tuition available from £18 for 30 minutes.

Golf Lesson Packages

Ultimately, if you are serious about your golf then the most productive way to improve is to commit to a course of private lessons. As you build a relationship your instructor, you will discover more about your game and be able to discuss your golf with an expert who has had the opportunity to get to know your game.

Receive a 10% reduction for a course of 5 individual lessons.

Course Tuition

The perfect way to help take your swing improvements to the course or to refine your course management skills. Whether it’s sharpening your mental edge or varying your club or shot selection process, course tuition allows our senior instructors to supervise you in action and use their experience to help you shot lower scores.

9 holes course instruction available from £35 (green fee charge will apply to non-members)

Specialised Clinics and Master-class days

The Master class series is aimed at club players looking to develop particular areas of their game in a fun and informative manner. The series will include a mixture of long and short game clinics and will provide you with key fundamentals to help develop your shot making skills, improve consistency, accuracy and distance. Forth coming dates and itineraries will be posted on website and on academy notice board.

Advanced Workshops

Throughout the season we will be holding specialised workshops hosted by leading sports psychologists and fitness instructors. These specially organised events are designed to add extra dimensions to your golfing ability and to support your swing improvements. Dates, schedules and prices are to be announced, places will be limited.

Contact our PGA Academy Team

For further information & prices or to register your interest, please call the Academy on 01704 875699


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