A True Retreat

Tripadvisor Reviewer

I have never been anywhere like Formby Hall. I have been to many different spas, but nothing like this place!!!! The spa is tailor made for the spa customers only, which was just AMAZING.

There we no outsiders from the hotel and pool areas ie, we didn’t see any stressed out people on business or any kids running around. It was a true retreat with fellow spa users, we were all in dressing gowns and slippers. The environment was out of this world, the lights, oil aromas, well maintained relaxation areas, spa cafe and thermal heaven totally made it for us.

I was so spoilt that I cannot entertain the idea of going to another spa, and I really want to return to Formby Hall again shortly. They offer unusual treatments which I must try soon, as they sound fantastic and very exciting.

We did stay over and we slept so soundly. The evening meal and breakfast were delightful. The staff made our holiday because they were so lovely and professional. I definitely recharged as i’m working hard again now! Im tempted to work even harder just so I can earn another Formby Hall experience! lol.