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Learn how to push your body to the limit under the supervision of our highly trained professionals.  Understand how to adapt to a healthier lifestyle by following our simple rules to success and make a lasting difference.

Training will consist of traditional well proven systems, prevention techniques, creative and inspiring training routines and unique training methods.

From week one, the training adopted will quickly and effectively hit all areas of your body, firing up your metabolism and torching fat like crazy and sending you into a rapid natural detoxification, which in weeks to come will make you stronger and healthier.

Come join our team of professionals that will empower you to achieve the success that you desire. 


Get the beach perfect body this summer by signing up to MY BOOT CAMP at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa.  Starting Monday 8th July, we're running 12 one hour sessions over 4 weeks every MOnday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am.
£75 Members
£100 Non-Members
Includes a 4 week Swim Only Trial Membership.  

Couch to 3k in 4 weeks

Starts 3rd February 2014

Get the beach perfect body by signing up to MY BOOT CAMP at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa.  

4 week course with 3 one hour sessions per week.

Sessions will run at 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting Monday 3rd February. 

Call the Membership Team on 01704 875 699 to book.  PLACES LIMITED.

Includes 4 week trial Swim Only membership.


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