12th December 2011

"Excellent with an extra gem" 5 out of 5

We've been lucky enough to travel round a fair bit over the last few months. Now we've stopped we thought it would be nice to make sure we gave praise to a few of the highlights. Too many people only complain!!!
We've stayed twice at formby hall visiting nearby friends. Formby hall isn't the best, but it's not far off it.

Overall very good, there's a few little niggles but nothing that was inexcusable. On the whole the staff were great and everything was as it should be. First time we used the restaurant was a saturday evening, it looks lovely but it just got better. A few of the restaurant staff were truly wonderful, they are delightful and treated us so well, even stopped to make a bit of conversation which really added a personal friendly touch. 

Staying in nice places you come to expect a certain standard and it didn't dissapoint. The meal was spot on in all repects.Then there was the added bonus. As we walked in I thought the atmosphere was lovely and there was lovely music drifting around. As we sat I realised there was a singer, he was just sat there casually singing and I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't a CD playing. The guy had a stunning voice and sang some the most amazing selection of songs. Not loud, it was just right and very romantic,we talked happily but still I kept looking to check. A number of years ago I worked in music related industry and have seen many of the big acts for real, He was easily as good as the best of them.

When we left the restaurant we thanked him and went to sit in the cocktail lounge. As he took a quick break we spoke to him and he stopped and chatted for a few minutes, a total gentleman, charming and very funny too, made us laugh! He spoke so highly of the staff working with him it just made the whole thing just that bit better than anything else. I don't think he realises just how good he is.

This added feature made the stay stand out above and beyond. We've been in again and brought our friends and formby hall did not dissapoint, wonderful. The singer amazed us again and played the saxophone too. Even after a few months he remembered us and chatted again. Funny thing is we never thought to ask his name.

So all praise to Formby Hall restaurant and it wonderful staff and the unknown singer, We'll be there again in the new year.
All the best Dave n Helen A

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