28th August 2009

Jack Nicklaus Visits Formby Hall

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus visited Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa on Monday 7th September 2009 to provide coaching to youngsters from the First Tee.

The game’s most acclaimed player with 18-major titles, Nicklaus (honorary chairman of the First Tee) will meet children and parents to provide a unique golf clinic that covers instruction and the importance of sportsmanship, as well as life lessons.

Twenty five lucky youngsters from the First Tee at Heaton Park in Manchester travelled to Formby Hall to meet Jack to take part in coaching and a Q&A session. The children asked him about his life in golf and how they can contribute to others in the community to serve as mentors to other disadvantaged people.

Nicklaus has been a long-standing supporter of The First Tee since its inception in the U.S. The programme launched in the UK in June 2009 in Heaton Park Manchester and ambassadors such as Nicklaus and First Tee trustee RBS are helping to grow the programme to other areas of the UK.

Jack Nicklaus, said: “At a time when we need to do everything we can to promote positive values in our children, particularly thinking beyond themselves and caring for others, the First Tee has adopted that mission and is doing an excellent job. The First Tee is not just about playing golf, it is much more. It is about giving back to your community, helping others and using the game and its life lessons to succeed in life.”

“I am honoured to a part of The First Tee. More importantly, I am dedicated to help grow the First Tee programmes around the world, which makes me so proud to be a part of the First Tee’s first chapter in the UK at Manchester. This would have never happened without the support of RBS, which has supported the First Tee in the U.S. for many years and its very successful mentoring program. I am proud of my relationship with RBS and its dedication to helping disadvantaged young people around the world.”

Mark Williams, head of golf at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa, said: “The First Tee is a fantastic organisation and we’re delighted to be part of only the second event to take place in the UK.

“As an academy we’re determined to make the game more accessible to a wider audience and fully support initiatives such as the First Tee.

“RBS and Jack Nicklaus stayed at the resort last year and witnessed first hand how good the facilities are here. We have a great teaching space to support Jack’s tuition and illustrations.”

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