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Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Alongside the impressive practice facilities, our dedicated team of PGA qualified AA professionals utilise the latest cutting edge analysis technology to ensure that golfers of every level have the opportunity to understand and improve each aspect of their game.

Our full time PGA qualified instructors blend years of experience of studying thousands of swings, researching different teaching styles and attending PGA advanced coaching seminars to help deliver first class instruction.

If you are looking for us to get you back on track with a quick solution then we can help, our instructors have seen it all and can provide tips and drills for every fault. Don’t forget though, for long term permanent improvements you may require some extra help.

One on one lessons are structured to allow you to focus on your individual requirements. Our instructors will assess your strengths and weaknesses before prescribing the correct program to help you achieve your goals.

Private tuition available from £20

Club Fitting

The club strikes the ball and you move the club. Many golfers invest time and money on improving their technique and forget the importance of having clubs made to fit their game. Our staff combine trackman technology with club fitting experience to identify the correct length, lie, shaft and head design to help get the most out of your swing.

Not only is the correct club specification important, but the correct set configuration is vital too. This helps avoid distance & loft over laps and will ensure you have the ideal range of lofts to cover your distances. 

Club fitting and trackman gapping sessions available from £25.

Course tuition

The perfect way to take your swing improvements to the course or to refine your course management skills. Whether it’s sharpening your mental edge or fine tuning your shot selection options, course tuition allows our PGA instructor’s to supervise you in action and use their experience to help you shot lower scores. These sessions are available over the PAR3 course and Old Course.

Course tuition availble from £35 over 9 holes



Individual tuition at Formby Hall offers the opportunity for you to embrace the latest golf swing technology supported by some of the North West’s most experienced coaches. Lessons taken in our teaching room give you access to GASP video analysis, force-plate, Trackman and K-Vest. More....

Available with all private tuition.

Short Game Tuition

When it comes to short game you can’t beat real life situations. Our short game area and PAR3 course provide the perfect area to recreate on-course situations including sand, chip, pitch, lob and awkward lie shots. We’ll provide you with the imagination and skills to help you develop a short game to rely on time and time again.

Short game tuition available from £20

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